Hedén Unveils LM40 motor

Hedén has unveiled the LM40 motor, designed for use with gimbals, Steadicam and drones. Compatible with the Hedén Ymer/Carat, Preston and Freefly Movi, the LM40 weighs 3.82 ounces without bracket and gear. The motor mounts vertically on a 19/15mm rod with the supplied LM bracket. The seven-pin 0B connector facilitates the use of smaller, lighter cables. Interchangeable, snap-on gears can be mounted on either side of the gear housing. The snap-on gear has a dual-pin lock mechanism that, together with the dual-pin hub, increases service life and does not develop play over time. The LM40 comes with a 0.8 gear module, and 0.4, 0.5 and 0.6 modules are available separately. The Hedén LM40 lists for $2,150.
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