Imago inspiration seminar 2017

A weekend with meetings and masterclasses with master cinematographers will be arranged in Amsterdam May 18th to 20th. Five international master cinematographers will be invited to talk in detail about their work and their artistic and technical challenges on specific films.


The Master classes will be arranged at the Amsterdam Eye, with help from the Dutch Film Fund, the IMAGO Societies DFF, SBC and NSC. The master classes are organized by the IMAGO Master Class Committee, Astrid Heubrandtner AAC, Jan Weincke DFF and Herman Vershuur NSC.

The IMAGO master Classes are a great opportunity to meet colleagues, discuss artistic and technical challenges, and to be absorbed for some days in the art of cinematography.
 News on the concrete programme and how to attend the Master Classes will soon be published on the IMAGO website.

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