Kostbart att lagra digital film

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences har tittat närmare på hur mycket det kostar att långtidslagra en digital filmmaster, samt att lagra digitalt inspelad film. Det är stora skillnader kostnadsmässigt mellan att lagra filmnegativ och filmkopior jämfört med all den data som en spelfilm kräver under inspelning och för långtidslagring av digitalt material.

The Afterlife Is Expensive for Digital Movies

A new study shows that storing the digital master record of a film costs much more than storing archival prints.

“To store a digital master record of a movie costs about $12,514 a year, versus the $1,059 it costs to keep a conventional film master. Much worse, to keep the enormous swarm of data produced when a picture is ‘born digital’ – that is, produced using all-electronic processes, rather than relying wholly or partially on film – pushes the cost of preservation to $208,569 a year, vastly higher than the $486 it costs to toss the equivalent camera negatives, audio recordings, on-set photographs and annotated scripts of an all-film production into the cold-storage vault.”

Reed the article from New York Times

”This was from a study the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences did. I am on the Technical Achievement committees with the AMAPAS and have been for 25 years and we have been talking about this. This is from the NY Times and you should read the entire article. The question is why are they making movies with digital cameras? My guess is that the people making these decisions are young and think digital and they do not think of the future.”

Denny Clairmont, Clairmont Camera Film & Digital, Hollywood.