Lucasfilm väljer Sony F35 för “Red Tails”

Red Tails
The Sony F35 camera package was a perfect fit for Lucas film’s upcoming WWII epic, Red Tails, the fictional story inspired by the historic and heroic exploits of America’s first all-black aerial combat unit. While still in pre-production, producer Rick McCallum and director Anthony Hemingway knew that George Lucas wanted to shoot digitally and that cinematographer John Aronson wanted to use the film-style tools he was comfortable with. While Gerhard Baier, Managing Director of Band Pro Munich worked with rental company, FGV Schmidle in Germany to secure four F35 cameras, Band Pro’s Jeff Cree, traveled to Prague to help the crew transition to the F35 package. “Jeff was great,” says McCallum. “He made the F35 technology and SRW/Codex capabilities easy to understand. He also introduced us to the Sony Fiber system which was paired with Telecast’s fiber power, a unit attached between camera and deck.

This way, John didn’t have to worry about batteries in the camera, allowing for more freedom of movement and longer takes which were so important to tell this epic story. The service we got from FGV Schmidle was simply outstanding – the best we have ever had, and all the guys at Band Pro worked really hard to make sure the crew got all the help they needed – It was a truly great experience for all of us.”