Netflix Camera Requirements

4K Resolution:
• Camera must have a true 4K sensor (equal to or greater than 4096 photosites wide).

Recording Format:
• Minimum of 16-bit Linear or 10-bit Log processing

• Bitrate of at least 240 Mbps (at 23.98/24 fps) recording

• Recording format must be set to either:
 RAW (uncompressed or lightly compressed sensor data)
 Log color space (i.e. S-Log3, V-Log, CanonLog3, REDLogFilm, BMDLog, LogC)

No looks or color corrections should be baked into the original camera files.

• Files must maintain all metadata (i.e. Tape Name, Timecode, Frame Rate, ISO, WB, etc.)

Aspect Ratio / Framing:
• Aspect ratios greater than 2.00:1 must be evaluated and discussed with Netflix for approval.

• Framing chart must be shot before principal photography begins, and processed through the dailies pipeline which will be shared with editorial, post-production, and VFX.

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