Ny Cooke-zoom

Nu har Cooke Optics sitt nya zoomobjektiv klart för leverans från januari månad 2006. Det är en kompakt och ljusstark zoom med brännvidderna 15–40 mm, T2.0


Cooke S4/i 15-40mm T2 CXX Zoom

Superior performance and ease of operation is exactly what you expect from Cooke lenses, but the new Cooke S4/i 15–40mm CXX Zoom lens offers attributes beyond great optical and mechanical performance for 35mm/Super 35mm formats:

New Variable Vignetting Stop (patent pending)

Cooke’s new Variable Vignetting Stop allows the high speed CXX lens to maintain T2.0 and high resolution throughout the zoom range. This innovative mechanism adjusts automatically. The benefit to you: no ramping and no flare.

Light and Bright

T2, of course. Light and comparable in size to a Cooke S4/i Prime telephoto lens. And like our S4/i telephoto lenses, the CXX zoom offers an extraordinary close focus: Under 7 inches from the front element. And like the Cooke S4/i Primes – no breathing.

Save Time and Money – /i Technology is the Key

Over the next few months, Cooke will introduce a technological breakthrough that will reshape and streamline the systems involved with filmmaking, beginning with the efforts of cinematographers through post production. It will have the potential of saving you significant time and money. Cooke /i technology is the key and the Cooke CXX zoom is the only zoom that has it.

The CXX Zoom works well with the Arri LMB4 clip-on matte box.


  • Focal length range 15–40mm
  • T stop range T2–T22
  • Maximum f-Stop f/1.84
  • Close focus from lens front 6.94 inches / 169mm
  • Length from front of lens to image plane 11.06 inches / 281mm
  • Minimum marked object distance 18 inches / 450mm
  • Maximum format covered 30mm image circle (for Super 35 format)
  • Diagonal angle of view for 30mm image circle 90–41 degrees
  • Iris scales Two opposing scales, whole and third stops marked
  • Angular rotation of iris 92 degrees
  • Iris drive gear 134 teeth 0.8 metric module x 2.5mm wide x 80.5mm from image plane
  • Focus scales Two opposing focus scales, metric or footage marked from infinity to MOD
  • Angular rotation from infinity to MOD endstop 290 degrees
  • Angular rotation between endstops 300 degrees
  • Focus drive gear 153 teeth 0.8 metric module x 6.0mm wide x 223mm from image plane
  • Zoom scales Two opposing zoom scales
  • Angular rotation of zoom scale 130 degrees
  • Zoom drive gear 140 teeth 0.8 metric module x 6.0mm wide x 99mm from image plane
  • Length from front of lens to lens mount 9 inches / 229mm
  • Front diameter 136mm
  • Weight 7.9 lbs. / 3.6 Kg

Coming in 2006

  • Cooke SK4 R953 Conversion Kit: Convert your 35mm format Cooke 18–100mm zoom lens to a fast T1.6, 9.5–53mm for Super16 format.
  • Cooke S4/i 12mm focal length for 35 mm format.

Recent Features in Production or Shot with Cooke S4 Lenses

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Roger Pratt, DP
  • Capote, Adam Kimmel, DP
  • Casanova, Oliver Stapleton, DP
  • The Da Vinci Code, Salvatore Totino, DP
  • Just Friends, Tony Richmond, DP
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Final Destination 3, Robert MacLachlan, DP
  • Entourage, HBO TV Series, Steven Fierberg, DP