Panasonic Varicam 3700 ny HD-kamera

Solid-State P2 HD Cinematography Camcorder

De digitala videokamerorna med 2/3” sensor blir allt bättre och bättre. Panasonics senaste modell, Varicam 3700, ger full HD-upplösning med 1920×1080 pixlar och spelar in med 10 bitars färgdjup, 4:2:2, med AVC-Intra koden, 100 Mbit/sek. Variabel bildfrekvens, ett utökat tonomfång samt ett flertal Cine-gammakurvor att välja bland är några av nyheterna.

Panasonic announced the immediate availability of the VariCam 3700 (AJ-HPX3700), its premier solid-state P2 HD VariCam camcorder that combines uncompromising cinematic quality, film-style operability and the exceptional reliability of solid-state, file-based recording.

Offering the ultimate in image quality, VariCam 3700 advances the art of high-end cinematography by teaming VariCam’s renowned filmic-look, variable frame rates, and subtle tone control with master-quality, 10-bit 4:2:2 AVC-Intra recording and a host of new functionality.

The VariCam 3700 provides premium-quality performance for narrative feature films, episodic television and commercial production. The 2/3” 2.2 megapixel 3-CCD camera features full native 1920×1080-pixel acquisition and independent-frame recording with 10-bit, 4:2:2 color sub sampling. It records in full-raster 1920×1080 resolution in AVC-intra 100 for the highest quality, in lower-bit-rate AVC-Intra 50 for extended recording and in DVCPRO HD for added flexibility.

The HPX3700 outputs a 4:4:4 RGB dual-link live signal (via HD-SDI) to deliver pristine images for uncompressed workflows and composition of visual effects, while simultaneously recording 4:2:2 HD video in camera. It features a log response for integrating the 4:4:4 footage into a film-style Digital Intermediate workflow, .The camera records progressive and interlace HD formats including native 1080 23.98p/24.00p/25p/29.97p/30.00p, as well as 1080/50i and 1080/59.94i. It is switchable between 59.94-Hz and 50-Hz recording for worldwide use, and also offers 23.98/24psf output via HD-SDI.

The VariCam 3700 inherits the impressive dynamic range, color space and depth of field of the taped-based AJ-HDC27H VariCam. It has excellent sensitivity (F10 at 2,000 lx), 14-bit A/D processing, full 12-axis control of matrix and color correction for precise image matching, as well as a host of unique shutter angle settings and speeds. The P2 HD cinema camera also is equipped with seven selectable gamma modes including SD and HD Video Gamma, and Cine Gamma settings – FilmLike1, FilmLike2, FilmLike3 and FilmRec – that give images the prized VariCam film-like look. The camera also features Chromatic Aberration Correction, which compensates for color deficiencies found in lens to ensure precise color and imagery. For additional image enhancement needs, professionals can utilize the camera’s Dynamic Range Stretch function, a dynamic range expansion tool that simultaneously compresses highlight information and boosts shadow detail in real time, especially helpful when shooting outdoors or in areas where lighting fluctuates.

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