pCAM Film+Digital Calculator till iPhone

David Eubank är en av Hollywoods ambitiösa kameraassistenter som gjort ett intressant program till iPhone och iPod Touch för filmfotografer. Här kan man snabbt räkna ut skärpdjup, hyperfokaldistans, flickerfria bildfrekvenser med HMI-lampor, bildvinklar, m.m.

This amazing App is fast, intuitive, easy to understand and a pleasure to use. Beautiful GUI interface. It is easy to load, amazingly comprehensive, faster and lighter than an entire library of textbooks, computers, Wizards and everything else we’ve used up to now.

The pCAM helps you calculate:

  • Depth of Field & Hyperfocal Distance
  • Splits-Aperture Finder
  • Field of View (Image size) with Preview Illustrations & Angle of View
  • Exposure (compensating changes in Shutter Angle, FPS Speed, Filters, Film
  • Speeds & Light foot-candles or lux)
  • Running Time to Length
  • Shooting to Screen Time
  • HMI (safe speeds & shutters)
  • Color Correction (filters and mireds)
  • Diopter, Macro, Time Lapse
  • Underwater Distance (flat ports)
  • Scene Illumination, Light Coverage
  • There’s a great Siemens Star focus target. pCAM includes all common professional Still Camera, Film & HD Camera Formats, including the latest 2-Perf formats. User-definable custom Camera Formats, CoC & Filters

Works on iPhone and iPod Touch. The only thing is now you’ll need two iPhones: one to use as a phone, and the other to be ready with the pCAM App in your meter case or front box. Don’t leave home without this.

Här länken till David Eubanks websida där det går att köpa programmet