SONY F35 kommer i höst

Nu kan Sony presentera tekniska specifikationer för deras nya F35 kamera med full 35 mm sensor och PL-objektivfattning. Den liknar till stora delar Panavisions Genesis-kamera, som är framtagen i ett samarbete mellan Sony och Panavision. F35 spelar in på band i formatet HDCAM SR, 1920×1080, som 4:2:2 eller 4:4:4 med bildfrekvenser 1-50 b/s. Kameran kommer att visas på IBC i Amsterdam i september.

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F35 broschyr

Sony´s new F35 digital cinematography camera system, which offers cinematographers a rich array of functionality, including a 35mm CCD image sensor, 10-bit full band-width RGB 4:4:4 recording and a PL mount. This sophisticated new camera joins the F23 model as part of Sony’s high-end CineAlta line of products for motion picture content creation and high-end Digital Cinematography.

“The design of the F35 is based on years of consultation with experts in cinematography. Coupled with the Sony SRW-1 HDCAM SR recorder, the camera offers the technical and mechanical flexibility needed by cinematographers; as well as its compact and rugged design to withstand the diverse conditions often encountered in challenging shoots,” remarked Tracy Hon, CineAlta Product Marketing Manager, Broadcast and Content Creation Solutions Asia Pacific, Business and Professional Products Asia Pacific Company, a division company of Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

“The camera’s flexible operation and its rich functionality are the direct result of listening to the needs of today’s leading industry professionals.”

Like the F23, the F35 offers cinematographers exceptional ease-of-use and a convenient ergonomic design. The camera uses the same docking system for hassle-free integration with the SRW-1 HDCAM SR recorder, eliminating the need for cumbersome cable-handling between the camera and recorder. The camera body is also compatible with a variety of accessories without modification, including bridge plates, matte boxes and follow focus units, which brings convenience to film users.

Dynamic functionality for today’s production needs
The heart of the F35 is a new Super 35mm-sized CCD sensor that offers full resolution of 1920 x 1080 at a picture rate of up to 50 fps. In response to user feedback, the F35 also offers an extended dynamic range of 800%, and an improved signal-to-noise ratio that gives “quieter” blacks even during dark scenes. Likewise, the wide latitude of the pre-set S-log Gamma maintains the tonal gradation of night sky scenes, and enables users to retain the detail in sunlit areas and shadows.

The CCD sensor’s breathtaking picture quality is further complemented with an extremely flexible depth-of-field control, as well as full-bandwidth 4:4:4 digital RGB output.

To expand the creative possibilities of the F35, the camera features a PL lens mount. This makes it compatible with a wide range of motion-picture optics and speciality lenses such as fish eye, swing shift and baby periscope. It’s even possible to use the F35 in combination with the F23, which opens up exciting new possibilities for creativity, particularly by taking advantage of the F23’s ability in 3D, low-light, and 60fps shooting.

“At Sony, we pride ourselves on being able to offer ‘choices’. The F35 complements the F23, with both addressing very distinct production environments and applications,” added Ms Hon. “Bringing together the advantages advanced digital technology with film-style operability, the F35 expands the ‘production toolsets’ available for high-end digital cinematography and commercial production in the region”.

The F35 camera will be available in September 2008, with suggested list pricing to be announced.