Super Hi-Vision på IBC

Super Hi-Vision
If you are going to IBC for a glimpse of the future then you should make your way to the Park Foyer and see Super Hi-Vision. It was the highlight of IBC2008 and it is back again even brighter and better than before.

As its name suggests, it is another leap forward from HD. To be precise it has 16x more resolution, with 7680 x 4320 pictures, at 60 progressive frames a second.

The audio is as all–embracing as the pictures too, using an incredible 22.2 audio channels. That includes super-woofers at front and rear, speakers set at three heights, and a centre channel directly above the viewer.

Japanese national broadcaster NHK led the development of Super Hi-Vision, its contribution to the global debate on what happens next in our industry. The 2010 demonstration includes a new generation of practical, full resolution three-chip cameras. One of these has been set up permanently in the centre of Amsterdam and is sending live pictures back to IBC over fibre.

The main presentation on Super Hi-Vision will again be in a specially built theatre with high brightness projectors and a full 22.2 sound system. Outside the theatre will be new 58-inch diagonal plasma displays with 0.33mm pixel pitch for an incredibly rich, seamless view.

Super Hi-Vision has to be seen to be believed. Tickets are always in big demand, so be sure to collect yours from the theatre in the Park Foyer