Weisscam HS-2

P+S Technik och Weisscam presenterar nu en ny förbättrad version av Weisscam High Speed digitalkamera. Den nya kameran har högre ljuskänslighet, minskat brus och högre bildfrekvens. Nytt är också ett “digitalt magasin” med 2 TB minne.

Här några specifikationer: 1.500 fps at 2K, 2.000 fps at 1080p, 600 ASA sensitivity, 9 T-Stop dynamic range, HD SDI single and dual link , YCC 4:2:2. RGB 4:4:4 and RAW uncompressed, PL-Mount (interchangeable). Optical Viewfinder (optional). Mer info finns på nästa sida samt på nedanstående länkar.

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WEISSCAM® HS-2 introduced at HD Expo 2008 in Los Angeles

The brand new WEISSCAM® HS-2 celebrated its official premiere at HD Expo 2008 in Los Angeles, on October 29th, 2008. The HS-2 is ready for serial production and was presented by P+S Technik and Stefan Weiss. Denny Clairmont, President of Clairmont Camera, has also been on site personally to launch this innovative gadget: As the very first rental house in the US, Clairmont Camera took the HS-2 into its line of products.

The topic of this years HD Expo was „Defining the Community“. Accordingly, located in the Quality-Center of the trade fair, between DALSA and Arriflex D21, the HS-2 was in good company.

At the HD Expo 2008, the HS-2 spiked huge interest and very positive feedback from invited visitors at Quality-Center. That’s not surprising as the HS-2 combines all functions expected from a Highspeed-Camera in just one unit: The Digimag DM-2 with up to 2TB storage and real time preview onboard-monitor accelerates the HD SDI workflow, and is compatible with other HD SDI gear, as well. As a 2-stream-camera with dual link HD-SDI output, the HS-2 supports RAW, as well, and thus raises the flexibility of the workflow. The 35mm sensor featuring a global shutter allows capturing sharp images at high speed, and the DCDC-Powermanagement facilitates the application of a wide range of accessories. If required, the external debayerbox allows realtime-debayering of RAW-data into SD-format.

As the awarded previous model Weisscam® HS-1, the HS-2 was co-developed by P+S Technik and Director of Photography Stefan Weiss. The Weisscam® HS-2 is a digital highspeed camera which is suitable for extreme slow motion pictures. In contrast to the HS-1, through the integration of functions and components the HS-2 is a “standalone-camera”, making a computer on set unnecessary. Furthermore, it can be completely controlled by a small and light remote control device.

Les Zellan, president of ZGC, says: “The WEISSCAM is the first truly electronic replacement for the Arri 435 and the most recent example of the creativity and precision that has come out of P+S Technik since the introduction of the revolutionary MINI35.”

1.500 fps at 2K
2.000 fps at 1080p

600 ASA sensitivity
9 T-Stop dynamic range

HD SDI single and dual link

YCC 4:2:2 RGB 4:4:4 and RAW uncompressed

PL-Mount (interchangeable)

Optical Viewfinder (optional)