Aaton Penelope Delta –nu en heldigital kamera

Aaton Penelope Delta
Aaton hade planerat att Penelope-kameran skulle vara omställbar mellan film och digitalt magasin. Nu har dessa planer ändrats och det kommer inte att bli någon hybrid-kamera utan endast en digital variant. Så här skriver Jean-Pierre Beauviala:

Bonjour Hans,

Yes we had to put aside the manufacturing of an ‘hybrid” Penelope at a reasonable price. Since you can now find second hand ‘pure-film’ cameras for the cost it takes to insure the right flange focal distance for both film and a silicon sensor behind an IR+LPF thick filter, there is no longer a real advantage to permanently embark the (relatively heavy) claw end magasine motors in the camera head. Delivery should begin June 2012.