Angenieux Optimo 15-40 mm, ny 35 mm zoom

Optimo 15-40 mm zoom
Detta är den tredje korta zoomen för 35 mm formatet som nu kommit på marknaden under kort tid. Den är lätt, 2 kg., ljusstark, T2.6 och kvalitén är hög.

Angenieux Optimo Hand-Held 35mm Zoom Lens

Weighing only 2 kg., Optimo 15–40 mm Hand Held Zoom Lens incorporates optical design to avoid breathing and is available in either PL or Panavision mount. Fast aperture speed of T2.6 allows shooting across various lighting ranges. Along with capability to work with Arri 235, 35 mm film camera, lens features range of 15–40 mm (diagonal 31.1 mm), min object distance of 2 ft, and zoom range of 2.7x.

New Hand Held Optimo Lens Ideal for Steadicam Applications.

Thales Angenieux, the premier manufacturer of high performance video and cinema lenses, has expanded its line of Optimo 35mm lenses with the addition of the new Optimo 15–40mm Hand Held Zoom Lens. The new lens, which is being featured here at NAB 2005, is ideal for Steadicam applications and use with the new Arri 235 35mm film camera which recently made its debut.

“The new Optimo 15–40mm Hand Held Zoom Lens sets the standard for design, high performance and durability in compact 35mm film lenses,” said Chris Beauparlant, U.S. Sales Manager at Thales Angenieux. “The new lens is small and lightweight and provides cinematographers with outstanding optics for hand held shooting and Steadicam systems.”

Weighing only 2 kg., the Optimo 15–40mm Hand Held Zoom Lens has a range of 15–40mm (diagonal 31.1mm), a minimum object distance (MOD) of two feet and offers constant superior levels of optical performance across the entire 2.7X zoom range. An extremely fast aperture speed of T2.6 provides a very narrow depth of field and allows shooting across a vast lighting range. Consistent with the Optimo line, the hand held Optimo 15–40mm Hand Held Zoom Lens features mechanics designed for precision and durability and incorporates an exclusive optical design to avoid breathing. Contrast and color reproduction rival the highest performing prime lenses.

The Optimo 15–40mm Hand Held Zoom Lens is available in either a PL or Panavision mount.