Är 4K verkligen 4K ?

I en intressant artikel i OnFilm magazine intervjuar Peter Parnham Panavisions ”digital-guru” John Galt om sensorer i digitala kameror och vad som kommer i nästa generations digitala kameror.

”Nevertheless, just in case we do care, Galt is scathing about cameras that claim to be 4K. He says a 4K camera sensor would have 4096 photo-sites across the frame for each of the colours red, green and blue (apparently in a camera sensor pixels are called photo-sites). That is about 12,300 samples across the frame. If you multiply 12,300 by the number of vertical photo-sites in a super 35mm [1:178] frame, it works out at about 28 million photo-sites in all. Therefore, a camera that has less than that number of photo-sites is not actually shooting 4K.”

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