Arri Alexa i ny elektronisk broschyr

Arri Alexa electronic flip book
Nu marknadsför Arri sin kommande digitala kamera hårt. Nu ha de gjort en ” ALEXA electronic flip book” som du kan ladda hem.

Ladda hem ALEXA electronic flip book här

A guided tour through the world of ALEXA

We proudly invite you to click on the link and see our ALEXA electronic flip book – a fantastic interactive guide to the many different benefits this groundbreaking digital camera will bring to film and television productions.

Ladda hem ALEXA electronic flip book här

Keep an eye out for images in the flip book that are embedded with a video link in the bottom right corner. Each of these four links will play a short clip from recent ALEXA test shoots, allowing you to see how the camera produces extraordinary images in any lighting conditions.

If you’re heading to Cannes for the upcoming festival, get in touch with your local ARRI sales representative to find out about our various ALEXA events and screenings between May 13th and 15th.

All the best from the ARRI team!