CINEC i München 22-24:e September

Nu är det hög tid att boka in Cinec i almanackan och boka hotellrum, då det samtidigt pågår Oktoberfestivalen.

Film or digital? This is no longer the question. But: What is the best way to reach the desired result, which enchants and fascinates viewers? In September, the cinec will offer an overview of the new and almost unlimited possibilities with its exposition, workshops and discussions. The cinec is one of the most important trade shows for Cine Equipment and Technology and takes place in Munich, Germany, for the 9th time from 22nd – 24th September 2012.

Cinec webbsida

More than 150 manufacturers from 15 countries will present their novelties, amongst them innovative and internationally renowned companies like ARRI, Briese Lichttechnik, Chrosziel, Cooke Optics, Denz, Dedo Weigert, Filmotechnic Europe, Fischer Connectors , Fuji-Film, Grip Factory Munich, Kino Flo, Lee Filters, Lightequip, Osram, Servicevision, Technocrane, Tiffen, Transvideo, Zeiss and many more.

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How can a better image be created? This will be the core topic of this year’s seminar programme of the cinec. Advantages and disadvantages of a higher frame rate for shooting, presentation and watching will be discussed as well as the use of new light sources, laser projection for brilliant images, current trends in optics and much more.

A highlight of the trade show and also a reflection of the state-of-the-art technology will be the presentation of the cinecAwards during a state reception in Munich’s residence on the trade show Sunday. The cinecAwards belong to the most important prizes for film technology – innovations which are appraised during the show by an expert jury will be awarded.

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