noX – Full HD / 2K Digital Cinema Camera

Ännu en ny digital kamera för rörliga bilder, “NOX 2K Digital Cinema Camera”, har nu kommit på marknaden. Kameran har en CCD sensor i storleken 1,2” och kan fås med olika objektivfattningar; PL, Nikon, Canon, m.fl.

NOX hemsida

When we designed this camera we had several things in mind.

First of all we wanted her to take highest-quality film-like pictures. Most current HD cameras take pictures which look like video, so we created a digital alternative for people using film.

Furthermore we wanted to find the fine balance between the resolution which is needed to look good on the big screen and the resolution which is still manageable without collecting loads of terabytes.

Finally we wanted to create a workflow which is easier, faster and more flexible so you have more time and energy to focus on what really counts – filming your visual dreams.

Here are her main features: You will get a complete pdf feature list if you click here.

2K resolution (2048 x 1152 at 25-fps max)

Full HD (1920 x 1080, progressive, 23.98-, 24-, 25-fps)

Downsize possible to 720p (23.98-, 24-, 25-, 29.97-, 37-fps max)

Single 1.2” CCD chip

More than 12 f-stops dynamic range

CCD signal conversion via 14-bit A/D converter

8.4” high resolution 400 cd/m? control monitor with touch screen

Electronic view finder (optional)

Full resolution viewing output

Raw Bayer data recording

Direct recording to integrated exchangeable HDD data pack raid

Gigabit Ethernet based file access

18 seconds shock protection

Programmable undercranking < 0.12-fps

360-degree shutter

Stereo mic/line level inputs with 16-bit/48Khz sampling (optional)

Easy-to-use control software with touch screen or remote control

Adjustable HD-curves (aka S-curves or Gamma-curves)

Personal presets saveable

Clip browser

Instant raw data playback

Integrated pre-cut system for rendering dailies and quick snapshots

Per-channel live histogramm display

Waveform display

Vectorscope display

Interchangeable camera heads (HD 2K, High Speed 640 x 480 at 200-fps max, HD 2K real monochrome)

Fully compatible to 35 mm accessories

Robust aluminium alloy body

Electronic back focus

Different interchangeable mounts available (PL, F, C, Canon, etc.)

V-mount rechargeable battery system (min 1 hour)

12 V two pin connector for external accessories

HD-SDI (optional)

Remote control (optional)

Shoulder pad (optional)

noXboX Digital MAZ solution for data backup and rendering (optional)