Red Scarlet

RED Scarlet
Samtidigt som Canon visade sin kommande HD-videokamera visade också RED sin kommande Scarlet. Pris runt 10.000 USD.
After a three-year-long gestation period RED announced the Scarlet-X today, and it was no coincidence that its introduction was on the same day as Canon’s big news. RED definately wants you do draw comparisons.

Från “Remakably the Scarlet has essentially the same specs as the EPIC, except with lower data rates. All EPIC accessories work on the Scarlet. The price is under $10,000. Fully kitted out and ready to shoot, except for the Canon EOS lens of your choice, a Scarlet-X will likely cost about $13,000. Shipments begin within a few weeks.”

“Scarlet-X shoots raw video with 4K resolution at 24fps, just as the EPIC ($28,000). And, oh yes, Scarlet can shoot still photographs at 5K resolution (5120 x 2700 which is 14 Megapixels) at 12fps. The new camera uses REDCODE RAW at 50MB/sec (440 Megabits/sec). Lens mount? Canon EOS, with a slightly more expensive PL mount version coming. Sweet.”

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