REDs sökare testad

Dan Drasin har haft möjligheten att titta närmare på RED-kamerans nya elektroniska sökare.

Image quality is outstanding – closest thing to an optical finder I’ve seen yet. Image size is a wee bit smaller than I expected. Fortunately there’s a magnification feature for critical focusing. But it would still be great if the unmagnified image were maybe 15-20% larger. This is, after all, a 4K-ish camera.

The eye-focus adjustment is a huge knurled rubber ring surrounding
the body of the VF. It’s easy to use, but perhaps too easy, as it can
easily be brushed or knocked out of position… and it seems to have
no locking option – you’d have to tape it down. This is another
one of those larger-than-life Hummer-like features of the RED that
really doesn’t have to be quite as macho as it is. After all, in most
situations you’re not going to be adjusting your finder focus all
that often.

Israeli arms are fine for monitors, but they didn’t give me a feeling
of confidence when used with these VFs. With one of the two cameras
they had at the demo, when you pressed your eye against the finder it
would unscrew the arm. The RED finder really needs a very solid (but
easily adjustable) mounting bracket.

Dan Drasin
Marin County, CA